Applying for asylum in France

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The asylum application procedure was modified in 2015. Despite politicians’ speeches promising simplification, it is still a complicated process and is sometimes difficult to comprehend (asylum procedure - reform).

In our view, this initiative is all the more urgent given the hundreds of migrants and refugees who are receiving little assistance both with regard to their material needs and the level of administrative and legal assistance. Some have been sent to centres where, for the most part, they have no access to assistance. Others are still in a vulnerable situation living on the streets, with lodgings only being offered to a limited number of people.

The aim of these factsheets is to provide the information required to submit an asylum application, to assert your rights and to avoid falling into the traps laid out by the French administration.

  • always keep a copy of the documents you submit to the authorities
  • never give originals (except passport to Ofpra)

Legal assistance for asylum seekers and refugees Monday and Wednesday (2 pm – 4:30 pm)

What is the legal assisance for ?

  • Informations on asylum in France and access to asylum request
  • Assistance to access to asylum request (waiting periode very long)
  • Assistance on problems encountered with Prefecture or OFPRA
  • Advices given to write the story
  • Preparation to the OFPRA interview
  • Informations on Dublin procedure
  • Assistance on problems encountered in accessinf to social rights (ADA, CMU, bank account)
  • Reference to other services.

In all cases, we try to find together solutions to help you (mail, court appeals…). People are received according to the emergency of the situation.

Who are we ?

All the participants are struggling by your side and support you in the difficulties you face with public services. We have no links with services in charge of refugees reception (Prefecture, OFPRA, OFII or any association commissionned by the government like FTDA, Croix-Rouge, Coallia, Emmaüs solidarité…).

This legal assistance service is set up by volunteer activits an by associations (ATMF, Dom’asile, ELENA, GISTI, La Cimade).

How get to the legal assistance office ? 10, rue Affre 75018 Paris (M° La chapelle)


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